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image of molly's marvelous cloth

A microfiber cloth has many different uses. They are a great non-toxic, environmentally conscious way to clean up your home. Many people love microfiber cloths because they do not require any chemicals to clean! Simply add water to clean up a mess. Some people think that microfiber cloths can only be used to clean up liquids, however, that is very false. A microfiber cloth can pick up dust, dirt, bacteria etc. Use the cloth dry to dust your furniture. It is truly an innovative and versatile product.

Things to Clean

Almost anything can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth, but here are some examples of microfiber cloth uses. A microfiber cloth is great for cleaning electronics! The microfiber is gentle enough that it won’t damage the delicate screens on the device. When a device is that expensive, it is important to clean it with high quality products.

image of someone cleaning a tablet with a microfiber cloth

Something else that microfiber is great at cleaning is glass. This is because microfiber will not leave behind those pesky streaks that annoy just about everyone. Dusting is also a great use for microfiber cloths. The cloth will pick up all the dust in just one easy swipe. One more use for microfiber cloths that you might not have thought of is to use it to clean your face.collage if people cleaning various surfaces with microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths make great makeup removers and you do not even have to use a cleanser! They will take off your makeup with just water. The cloths are also great for just cleaning your face after a long day.

How to Use a Microfiber Cloth

After all of those amazing uses for the cloth, you must be just about ready to purchase one for yourself. However, it is very important to know the best ways to use the cloth to get the most out of your microfiber.

  1. Fold the cloth in half twice to produce a smaller microfiber cloth.
  2. Wet the cloth or keep it dry if you are planning on dusting.
  3. Use only that section to clean.
  4. When that section becomes dirty, move on and use another section.

This technique provides many different surfaces to clean with so that you can get more use out of your microfiber cloth before you have to clean it. However, there is no right or wrong way to use a microfiber cloth. There are other techniques out there that you might like better or find more effective than the one shown above.


A microfiber cloth really is one of the best ways to clean your home. It has so many different uses and can clean pretty much anything! The fact that it can be used without harmful chemicals is also a great perk to the microfiber cloth. There is no longer a need to worry about your kids or pets accidentally ingesting toxic cleaning products. The microfiber cloth is completely safe to use around your house.

One amazing microfiber cloth is Molly’s Marvelous Cloth. It is an affordable and high-quality product. You can purchase a two-pack at Home Spirit for the low price of only $9.99.